Ucluelet, British Columbia

48.9416° N, 125.5463° W

Sometimes you’ve got plans and then it rains, and rains, and rains. Today was one of those days. We had planned on exploring Ucleulet, on the west coast of Vancouver Island. I suppose the weather shouldn’t have been a surprise. This is Vancouver Island in Spring. There’s a reason everything is so green. 

Initially, we ducked into a coffee shop to wait it out accompanied by a London fog or two. But after only a few sips we realized the weather wasn’t going anywhere. If we didn’t want to waste a vacation day, we’d have to venture out into the rain. We were wearing our Forsakes, so at least our feet would stay dry. 

The chill of the first drops had us questioning our decision, but we continued on. Oddly, the wetter I got, the better I felt. I think it’s because once I stopped trying to fight the dampness, I could feel my whole body relax. I suppose the lesson here is to let go and enjoy the world you have in front of you. 

After wandering the streets of this charming coastal town, we made our way down to the ocean. The Pacific…what a sight. This area is particularly beautiful. The lack of any development means you can appreciate the raw beauty of nature in its original state. There is nothing like the power and vastness of the Pacific to remind you of your place in the world. 

We spent the rest of the day wandering the beach, making our way along the rocky coast and exploring the surrounding woods. The rain was our constant companion. But that’s it, no one else was around. It was all ours. An increasingly rare thing today. The shared solitude brought us closer together. 

As the sun began to set somewhere behind the clouds, we lingered a bit longer, without saying a word, transfixed by the beauty. A long moment passed before we were able to break our gaze and silently make our way back up the trail to “civilization.” Now, as I look back on the day, I realize I discovered something about myself. As long as I have the right gear and the right companion, I really do love a good rainy-day adventure.