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Shoe Care

Shoe Care

Our sneaker boots are built for an active and adventurous lifestyle, which is why we back every pair with our 1-year warranty. But you can extend the life of your shoes, and keep them looking fresh, with regular care. Here are our tips for cleaning and reconditioning your Forsakes.

Step 1
Gently Clean

With a dab of light laundry detergent and warm water, use a rag to wipe down your shoes. This should remove the majority of dirt and light stains. Avoid using aggressive soaps or detergents on your Forsakes.

Step 2
Tackle Tough Stains

A toothbrush with light detergent or a Magic Eraser does wonders for getting rid of marks on rubber soles. For stubborn stains on your sneaker’s leather upper, we recommend Bickmore Leather Cleaner.

Step 3
Let 'em Air Dry

Make sure your shoes dry fully to prevent the growth of bacteria. You can remove your insoles to let them air out, too. A fan can help speed up the drying process but steer clear of the dryer and other artificial drying techniques, such as a hair dryer or oven.

Resealing Your Sneakerboots

Our waterproof styles have an internal membrane that does the heavy lifting to prevent your feet from getting wet. For extra protection, we pair this with premium waterproof leathers. Over time, you may want to refresh the outer waterproof seal to keep your Forsakes in good condition.

Product Recommendations

Leather: Bickmore Bick 4 Leather Care

Suede & Nubuck: Bickmore suede & Nubuck cleaner

Re-sealing: SnoSeal