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Men's Everyday Shoes


Whether it is a relaxed work environment or weekend, men’s casual shoes play an important part in any collection. Our men’s casual shoes include sneakers and sneaker boots and other everyday shoes. Each offer style, comfort, and durability in equal parts.


Sneaker boots

Bringing you the best of two worlds, our men’s sneaker boots combine the easy-wearing style of a sneaker with the protection and durability of a boot. Perfect for everything from work to weekend hikes, these sneaker boots feature all-day comfort features like a dual density footbed along with the security of our Peak-to-Pavement® outsole.


Outdoor Shoes

When looking for the best outdoor shoes to enjoy the great outside, the key is to find a pair that is all-weather, durable, and comfortable. Our outdoor shoes have features such as waterproof/breathable membrane, gusseted tongue, compression midsole, dual density footbed, and our Peak-to-Pavement® outsole for ultimate comfort and performance.


Lifestyle Shoes

Because each day brings so many changes, today, the best lifestyle shoes are also the most versatile. Whether you wear them to work, out on the town, or around the house as lifestyle shoes, these sneakers should offer comfort and style in equal parts. Look for cushioned footbeds and modern silhouettes.


Everyday Shoes

Everyday men’s shoes have to have everyday versatility and all-day comfort. From sneakers to sneaker boots or hiking shoes and hiking boots, these styles can be worn seven days a week and 24 hours a day thanks to their versatile style, fully cushioned footbeds, and Peak-to-Pavement® outsole.

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