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Men's Waterproof Boots

Image features the Men's Mason Low in black.

Mason Collection

Skate style meets elevated underfoot comfort and traction.
Image features the Men's Phil Chelsea in black.

Phil Collection

Waterproof performance and premium full grain leather with a classic yet versatile style.
Image features the Men's Wild Sky Mid in grey.

Wild Sky Collection

High-performance adventure sneakers with easy-going style inspiring by Wild Sky, WA.
Image features the Men's Cascade Trail in blue/navy.

Cascade Collection

Exceptionally light, strong, and ready for anything you can throw at them.
Image features the Men's Davos High in toffee.

Davos Collection

A classic leather boot built tough enough for the trail but sleek enough for the city.
Image features the Men's Whitetail Mid in chocolate.

Whitetail Collection

Our take on a winter boot - warm, rugged and surprisingly versatile.
Image features the Men's Range Low in taupe

Range Collection

Waterproof, durable, stable. The Range is a burly hiking sneaker ready for off road adventures.
Image features the Men's Dispatch Low in grey.

Dispatch Collection

Modern and athletic in style and fit. Built to be both capable and comfortable.
Image features the Men's Halden in black.

Halden Collection

Classic heritage design elevated with modern tech to create a durable all-terrain adventurer.


Whether you’re out on a hike or on your way to work, there’s never a good time or place for wet, cold feet. Each day offers a chance at a new adventure, and you never know when you need the protection of waterproof boots and waterproof shoes. But when water gets in the way of your day, you’ll be happy to have it.


Waterproof Boots

Our waterproof boots feature a waterproof membrane that keeps your feet dry throughout the day. Unlike some men’s waterproof boots, this membrane is also breathable so your feet remain cool and dry. This all-weather protection is combined with premium uppers to add style to these men’s waterproof boots.


Waterproof Shoes

Those who love the great outside know that you just never know what a day out will demand on your shoes. We have created waterproof shoes designed for the great unknown. Our waterproof shoes have a waterproof membrane that keep your feet dry and is also breathable to keep them moisture free and cool from the inside as well.


Waterproof Hiking Boots

The trail puts demands on all your gear but nothing more than on your footwear. Finding reliable waterproof hiking boots is the key to an enjoyable day out. Our waterproof hiking boots are fitted with a waterproof, breathable membrane to keep your feet moisture free and cool no matter where your trail leads.


Waterproof Sneakers and Sneaker boots

Everyone loves a cool pair of sneakers. The only problem is they don’t always protect your feet as much as you’d like. Those days are over. Our waterproof sneakers and sneaker boots feature a waterproof membrane that keep your feet dry and is also breathable to keep them moisture free and cool no matter what your adventure is today.

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