Easy Does It

Enjoying a casual day outdoors

Today, our plan is simple. They’ll be no rocks to climb, or rivers to forge. Not today. There’s a time and a place for that. But this isn’t it. We just want to be outdoors and enjoy a day together in Frisco, Colorado.  

We arrive to our destination early. Lying just 90 minutes west of Denver, Frisco is the quintessential mountain town and we can immediately feel its laid-back vibe. We start our visit with a stroll down one of the most charming Main streets in Colorado. It’s easy to see why it’s often called the “Main Street to the Rockies.” The mountains seem to rise right out of the end of the street. Quirky shops, art galleries, bars and some great looking restaurants line both sides of the street, and we take note of a few places to visit in more detail.  

A few blocks further down, our wanderings are rewarded with a sweet treat from a really cool, local food truck. Waffles on a stick? We’re sold. Afterwards we decide to work off our snack with a walk out of town towards the Dillon Reservoir.  

Another thing we love about Frisco is that it’s so easy to leave behind. The last coffee shop on Main Street is barely out of sight and we’re completely surrounded by nature. The trail follows the shore of the lake. Just across the water, the snow-capped peaks of the Rockies rise abruptly, without a single manmade structure to interrupt the majestic scene.  

Our route takes us along paved paths and over the rocky shoreline. Nothing too difficult. We’re here to walk, not hike, and we stop often along the way to skip stones or to take in the natural beauty of the place. As the light begins to fade, we head back into town and visit one of the bars we noted earlier. As the sun slowly drops behind the mountains, we raise a glass to this cool little town, the stunning natural beauty of the area and the end of great day in the company of a good friend.